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    HP 3300C won't scan

    under Win 98SE. This newly second-hand scanner was fine 'til it was shipped to me, carefully packed in its original box and polystyrene. Now whe I press the scan button its software plays colour-strips for a short while, then reports "An undefined program error has occured. [2117]" instead of displaying a scanned image.

    Because of the wording of message 2117, I have already been through hours of software and driver removing and re-installing, including doing so under Safe Mode, and patching, all under the guidance of HP's extensive help system, but the result is the same.

    So I opened the lid and watched the scanner as well as the monitor. The mechanism does a quick 20mm out from the rest position and back, then moves at scanning speed about 35 mm down the flight path, then stops with a click and the error message appears at the same moment.

    Now I've had a look inside and there's nothing in the way, nothing floating loose. I can thumb a drivewheel and move the mechanism half way, or more?, down the flight path with no stiffness or irregularity. Then powering up after replacing the cover, the mechanism returns to rest position just like you'd expect.

    But the result is the same "An undefined program error has occured. [2117]", instead of displaying a scanned image.

    Is the fault in the software, or the mechanical hardware, or the electronic hardware?

    Is it worth testing the scanner under somebody else's system with, say, Windows 2000?
    All help gratefully received!

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    Re: HP 3300C won't scan

    Have you tried this HP Also read through these, several people having the same problem. They have a few fixes you can try. here

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