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    Forcing cleint to enable macros (Word 2000/sr1)

    We have word templates that contain text and document features for clients to view and use if they enable Macros which means their security has to be set at least to medium. So what we are trying to figure out is how to hide the text if they don't enable macros. In Excel we could hide the main sheets and put up a sheet that informed the client to enable macros if they wanted to view the Excel's full features for a given template but we are not sure what approach to take with a word doc. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Forcing cleint to enable macros (Word 2000/sr1)

    You could put a textbox with text in a large font on the first page of the document, covering the "real" text. In the Document_New macro, delete the text box. If the user has disabled macros, Document_New won't be run, so the text box will be in full view.

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