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    Illegal operation (MSAccess 97 runtime)

    Hi All,
    I have come across another problem in a prgram of mine. I have a problem on one of my customers pc's. If you look at the attached screen dump, you will see the annoying error that always seems to have a different resolution. Whenever my customer clicks on the 'select existing selection' tab in my app and chooses a selection, it takes you to the 'add/run selection' tab (which is what it should do), however if she then clicks on the 'select existing selection' tab again the message about the illegal operation appears, and you can also see that it has switched to the new tab as the breakline has dissapeared yet the form that is displaying is still from the previous tab.
    I have got her IT team to uninstall my software and re-install it thinking that this may correct it as a last resort and this has not corrected it. If anyone has any pointers then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
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    Re: Illegal operation (MSAccess 97 runtime)

    There are tons of things that could cause this kind of problem. I would be inclined to suspect some unique piece of software installed on her PC has clobbered one of the dlls you use. But that's only if
    1 - Other people can do the same exact sequence with no problem, and
    2 - It is a repeatable problem that always behaves the same way no matter what
    If it isn't, you may be hitting a problem of some sort with her PC being overloaded - 2 copies of Word, PowerPoint, Access and a couple of other apps running. Unfortunately these kind of things are really hard to troubleshoot in a runtime. I guess you could try installing the full version of Access and running it that way to try to debug the problem, but it sounds like lots of work even then.

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