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    Page numbers. (Word XP)

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    I have a nine page document. I made a new section at the top of page three. I used Insert, Break, Next Page commands.

    Then I used Insert, Page Number commands and started the page number from physical page three, using page number one for it. Now I have two sections; the first section has page numbers 1 of 9, and 2 of 9. The second section has pages numbered 1 of 9, through 7 of 9.

    I don
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    Re: Page numbers. (Word XP)

    In your sample document, the footer of the second section is the same as that of the first section. Use the button in the Header and Footer toolbar to "unlink" it. Then, you can delete the text in the footer of the first section.

    Right click the number of pages in the footer of the second section and select Toggle Field Codes from the context menu. You'll see { NUMPAGES }. Edit this to read { SECTIONPAGES }, then right click it an select Toggle Field Codes again. You should now see "Page 1 of 7", etc.

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    Re: Page numbers. (Word XP)

    You are right to use sections, and you have done the right thing to get the page numbers to restart at 1 for the second section. To get no page numbers for the first section make sure that you turn off the same as previous option in the footers (assuming the page number to be in the footer) then delete the page number from the footer of the first section.

    If you want to sort out the number of the total pages to not count the first 3, first make sure you turn on field codes. You should then see in your footer something like Page { PAGE } of { NUMPAGES }. You need to replace this. The Help says

    "If the page numbering starts on a page number other than 1, use an = (Formula) field to compute the total page number count. To determine the starting page number for the active document, (StartingNumber), click Page Numbers on the Insert menu, and then click Format.

    Page { PAGE } of { = (StartingNumber - 1) + { NUMPAGES } }"

    Don't just type the stuff in curly brackets it's a field code - but you probably knew that.

    I actually didn't find it easy to work out how to insert the field as they suggest. What seemed to work for me was to insert first the = formula field (on the table menu at least in Word 2000). So the = formula field just says { = - 2 } then with field codes on, position the insertion point inside the field and insert the {numpages field} inside the field. Hope that helps and is not too garbled!


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