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    LOP spyware? (XP home SP!)

    Don't know if this is the right forum for this but:

    What does anyone know about This is supposedly a form of xupiter, according to a google on the subject.
    I have and run regularly both AdAware & Spybot with the most recent updates. They both say there is no problems on my system.
    I just recently downloaded a trialware prog named "NoAdware" which will scan only but not remove any spyware until purchase. When I ran NoAdware right after running AdAware & Spybot, it turned up 110 instances of "LOP" type in my registry????? 110 !!! I manually deleted a few of them and low & behold they were back after reboot, just as the xupiter stuff does if you do not delete ALL instances.
    While I don't see any apparent spy activity happening, I would like to remove this stuff ASAP.


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    Re: LOP spyware? (XP home SP!)

    Hi, Bob ~

    Yes, LOP is a parasitic commercial app that is quite invasive. It might be hard to remove as it has many different faces as advertising clones and forms such as BHOs, dialers, loaders, shortcuts & hijckers.

    Please take a look at this page for comprehensive info.

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