Originally posted on "Lounge Matters" board, brought to this board at Eileen's suggestion.
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I have been receiving the daily archives of Access, Excel, and Internet Explorer for a while now, but recently I have had problems with the emails received. Normally the posts are listed separately, with a line in between; now they are getting garbled. For example, I might get the first part of one post, but the remainder of the message is wiped out, replaced with parts of the next message - which does not necessarily begin with the message header. Without going to the actual forum, I don't even know if it is consecutive messages getting blended together, or if three or more messages are being "condensed" into one general mish-mash.

Recently, I was ably to begin receiving these archives at the office, so now I am using Outlook 2000 instead of Outlook Express 5.5. I don't know if this is the root of my new problem, but another change I have encountered is that now all the special markup smilies and such are not functioning any longer.

Any help that can be provided would be appreciated. If necessary, I could forward some of the garbled archives I have received.