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    Crosstab query won't run in Windows 2000

    I have an Access97 data base that has worked fine for years. I recently updated a computer and started the process of moving to Windows 2000 and Office 2000. The Access97 data base, converted to Access2000, has given me a number of headaches no matter how I converted it. I've tried converting it when prompted after double clicking on it and then tried creating a blank data base and importing all of the tables, queries etc into it. I've come a long way and finally thought I had it all figured out but....
    It turns out that a critical cross tab query in the data base will not run under Windows 2000. When the you open the cross tab query it is blank. BUT, interestingly enough the same data base (brought to my home) and put on a Windows 95 machine with Office 2000 (Premium) everything, including the cross tab query, works fine. And to top it off, the same data base moved to another new computer with Windows 2000 and Access97 WILL NOT run the cross tab query either. Somehow Windows 2000 is interfering with the proper operation of the cross tab query.
    Can anyone help before I go completely crazy?!

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    Re: Crosstab query won't run in Windows 2000

    I knew if I stared at the cross tab query long enough I would find the answer. I decided to look at it in SQL view and immediately saw the problem. The line with the error is as follows:
    WHERE (((PledgePayment.PledgePaymentDate) Like "*/*/"+Right$([YearsOfDriveQry]![Fifth Year],2)))
    Notice the date format "*/*/" instead of "*/*/*"
    I added the asterik into the statement on the Windows 2000 machine that has Access 97 and it runs fine. For some reason the statement has run fine for the last four years (and still will) in Win95 but will not work in Win2000. Win2000 doesn't like the statement without the "year" asterik.
    I've only been working on this and other issues for two weeks.
    Hopefully someone else will benefit from this post!
    Not crazy yet!

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    Re: Crosstab query won't run in Windows 2000

    Hi Wayne:
    I'm not sure but is it possible the underlying problem isn't the Windows version but the Regional Settings for date on the various systems? Just a thought.

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