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    Sorry if this is a lame question...but what's the difference between Outlook Express and Outlook? Can they both be used at the same time on the same computer? Is one better than the other?

    I've got OE5 and Outlook 2000 on my computer. I just bought a new computer and used to use Outlook 97 on the old computer. Is there a way to transfer my inbox from the old computer to the new one into OE5? I think I know how to for Outlook 2000.


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    Re: Difference?

    Funnily enough, a search on Google for "difference between Outlook and Outlook Express" coughed up this as its first offering:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Q257824</A> OL2000: Differences Between Outlook and Outlook Express

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    This article outlines the basic differences between Outlook and Outlook Express.

    The Microsoft Outlook family of messaging and collaboration clients is based on the recognition that home and business users have different needs. The Outlook family of clients is optimized for these two distinct market segments:

    Home users who need easy and reliable Internet, e-mail, and newsgroup functionality.
    Business users who require reliability and ease of use, but who also need more e-mail functionality and tight integration between e-mail and tools for information management and collaboration.

    Most users find that their needs are best met by the client that is optimized for their usage patterns. The following sections provide more information about how Outlook Express meets the needs of home users and how Outlook meets the needs of business users.
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    As to whether one is better than t'other is going to depend on what you want - hopefully the article will help you decide.

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    Re: Difference?

    they can both be used at once on the same computer. i use outlook for business, express for some personal accounts.

    Better depends on your needs. Do you need a full featured PIM? Or just email and news?

    The Ol97 inbox (*.pst) can't be transfered to OE unless you set up OL on the new computer and import.

    If you mean the old mail and news client or and older version of OE, see <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> for complete instructions.

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