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    Popup Context-sensitive Help (Access 2002)

    (Edited by HansV to activate link to MSKB article)

    <!mskb=210166>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 210166<!/mskb> shows how to connect a popup Help window to the F1 key. Is it possible to attach the popup to a command button instead of coopting the F1 key? Also does anyone know of a good reference for HTML Help Workshop applied to Access? I can find very little on Help Authoring. Thank you in advance,
    Claudette Hennessy

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    Re: Popup Context-sensitive Help (Access 2002)

    The MSKB article describes a function Help32 that opens a help window to a specific subject. In the article, a macro is used to assign F1 as shortcut key for Help32. But you can also call Help32 from the OnClick event of a command button.

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