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    Access 97 mdb upgraded to Access 2002 (Access 2002)

    I have in my head that there are known problems with upgrading access 97 databases to access 2000/20002.

    Is this true? Or am I halucinating?
    If yes is there a list I can go to?

    thanks for the advice

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    Re: Access 97 mdb upgraded to Access 2002 (Access 2002)

    I have converted many databases from Access 97 format to Access 2000 format (using Access 2002) during the last months, and I have had very few problems.

    If you have a frontend/backend setup, you will have to update the table links in the frontend using the Linked Table Manager.

    Access 2000/2002 has more stringent rules about when a query based on multiple tables is updateable; if you have problems with a query that was updateable in Access 97, you will probably have to set a unique index on the join field on the "one" side of the join (this is a good idea anyway).

    Some developers have reported instability in converted databases (Access crashing); they recommend creating a new blank database in Access 2002 and importing all database objects from the Access 97 database. After doing this, you will have to set a few things manually:
    <UL><LI>Startup options in Tools | Startup...
    <LI>References - with the new database open, select Tools | References... You probably didn't use ADO in the Access 97 database, so uncheck Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.n Library, and check Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library. If you had references to other object libraries in the Access 97 database (for example to automate Excel or Word), you will have to set the equivalent references in the new database.[/list]

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    Re: Access 97 mdb upgraded to Access 2002 (Access 2002)

    I wouldn't characterize the upgrade process that way. There are some known issues because Access 2000/2002 work a bit differently from 97 - it isn't an entirely painless process, especially if you have code left over from Access 2 or earlier, but we've done numerous databases and found that there were only a few things that needed to be changed. The Help that comes with 2000/2002 is actually pretty good, so I would start there. Just do a search in Help for "upgrade" and you'll get lots of hits. Another area is the README file that ships with 2000/2002. Finally, there are tons of resources available in either book form or on the Microsoft web site. To get you started, here are the big things that changed from my perspective:
    <UL><LI>You must have exclusive access in order to change forms, reports, macros or modules.
    <LI>ADO is now the default method for recordset manipulaltion - you can however still use DAO, but you may need to add a manual reference
    <LI>Replicated databases present special challenges, as you basically have to upreplicated and then rereplicate the database
    <LI>Secured databases no longer secure the VBA code - the only options are to use a password or make an MDE[/list]IMHO there are lots of reasons for upgrading to 2000 or 2002 - there are many functional improvements, and reliability is improved as well. If you go to 2000, be sure and start with SR-1a or later as there were some significant bugs in some obscure areas, but chances are you will end up with 2002, and it has been pretty solid for me. Others may also want to chime in.

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