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    Configurable Image Gallery Script

    There's a slew of PHP scripts around for generation of image galleries. I'm having trouble finding one that suits my particular needs, though - so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on a script/program that will do the following, shout! A lot of these scripts don't have a good demo to look at either. <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15>
    <UL><LI>Integration with CSS or site styles - this is important, I don't want to wreck the look of a site! I also don't want to re-write the script to fit it in.
    <LI>Thumbnail generation
    <LI>No reliance on MySQL databases
    <LI>Flexible or configurable layout of rows and columns, either by user or via script
    <LI>I'd also like to be able to read EXIF headers on JPG files. Not a requirement.[/list]I'm playing around with some scripts that I've found, so if I answer my own question, I'll be sure to post back with my experiences.

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    Re: Configurable Image Gallery Script


    On one of the sites I'm webmaster of, we use PiXFr PPM.

    It can be a PostNuke module or as a stand alone image gallery.

    It integrates with PostNukes themes, so I suspect that is quite easy to modify/create style sheets to change the look.

    It also will create thumbnails for you as long as PHP had GD compiled in.

    You can have a look at the gallery that I have up here

    There is also HotScripts to search through as well 9grin]
    I also looked at MEG (My eGallery) which,IIRC, can be standalone or Postnuke as well, but had issues with they way the webserver was configured. I can't find the URL for MEG right now. Sorry.
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