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    Copy TextRange--can it be done? (PowerPoint 2000)

    I want to programmatically move the contents of a PowerPoint
    table cell to a different cell. I cannot seem to find a way to
    do this that does not lose the formatting information
    associated with the text. For example:

    With ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes(2).Table
    End With

    This code will copy the text but not the font properties
    of this text. Recording the manual cell-to-cell copy and
    paste does not help as it does not record anything.

    I want to run the macro in edit mode, not slide show mode.

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    Re: Copy TextRange--can it be done? (PowerPoint 2000)

    This question has also been asked in the PowerPoint forum in <post#=259440>post 259440</post#>. To avoid confusion and duplication, I am locking this thread. Replies in the PowerPoint thread, please.

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