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    No mouse pointer

    My sister, who's running Win ME has suddenly lost her mouse. The tab keys and arrows on her keyboard don't work. She would like to remove the program she had just installed when the computer went crazy. Besides not having a mouse, her icons are spread all over the computer screen and the colors are wrong. There's no mouse pointer in Safe Mode.

    I could help fix the other problems, but if she can't click on anything, how is she supposed to fix the mouse problem. She has Norton Systemworks 2003 and runs her virus checker every day.

    We both will appreciate any suggestions except a hard drive format.
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    Re: No mouse pointer

    Sounds suspiciously like a corrupt video driver. Can she boot into Safe Mode? Find out what kind of display adapter is installed in the computer and get the latest drivers for it - since the whole screen is wonky, I doubt it's the mouse exclusively.

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