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    Access and Sage (2000)

    I am considering linking an Access time sheet/booking application to Sage Payroll. Does anybody know if this is possible and, if it is, where I can find out about Sage's table structure?


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    Re: Access and Sage (2000)

    You are probably going to need to contact a support person familiar with Sage - based on what little I know, I suspect it may have a database back-end, but getting at it may be another story. They do indicate that it is possible to export data to Access, but I think in your case you are looking at importing time sheet information into the payroll system. It may be possible to import in delimited fashion, but I doubt you would be able to actually integrate it fully so the data was shared between the two apps. Accounting package manufacturers are paranoid about letting out the details of their systems. Here in the US, one of the most popular packages came out with a version that could be manipulated using Automation - but when management realized the potential impact on their other products, they promptly withdrew the product. Made our life difficult for sure.

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