If I am in explorer and want to send an email, I go to File>Send>Page by Email. A message box opens with the webpage in the email. I created a HTML file and viewed it in IE6. I went to send it and instead of seeing the page, I got an attachment of just the html (no images). My default setting for email is HTML. I noticed that the message stated "plain text."

I viewed an internet-based webpage from the web toolbar in Outlook. I was able to send it it using Actions>Send page by email. When I opened the C:webpage instead of opening it in the Outlook window, it opened it in IE6.

I did not have this probelm a few days ago. I did make a repair to my system today. I had to repair the wininit file, which was causing errors with the MSO9.dll.

How can I fix this problem, so that I can send html files from my C:drive? Thanks for your help.