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    Can't find contacts ? (XP)

    I recently had an O/S crash, and had to re-install. I have changed from Win 2K to Win XP. I re-installed Office XP and all seemed well. I pointed outlook to my folders on a separate drive and it recognized them fine. My contacts, calendar, folders, etc. are all fine. I even deleted the default one on the 'C' drive. All seemed well. I am sending and receiving mail fine.

    I just can't seem to compose as Outlook seems to think my contacts are empty. When I do a name check it comes up blank every time. I ask for suggestions it shows an empty 'Contacts' list and none of the sub-folders that I have.

    Same thing happens when I try to modify a distribution list.

    What have I done to myself this time ? :-(

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    Re: Can't find contacts ? (XP)

    For starters:

    1. Right-click each Contacts Folder, select Properties | Outlook Address Book tab, and make sure that "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is Checked for all your Contacts Folders.

    2. Open the address book via Icon, and from the menu select Tools | Options. The Addressing dialog displays, make sure that Contacts shows there, promote it as necessary.

    Post back if this doesn't help.
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