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    explorer.exe error

    I guess I shouldn't have, but I was trying to configure my home computer's profiles and I think I messed up. The default location is Cocuments and Settings%User%. I saw two folders, Administrator.DIVA1 (my computer name is Diva1) and Administrator. I DELETED the Administrator one, changed the permissions on the Administrator.Diva1 to allow me to assign permissions and restrict other users. I also configured the desktop folders for the following profiles: AllUsers, DefaultUsers and later, Administrator.

    Upon logging on after removing Administrator the first time, I received the "Temporary directory is not found" message and was setup with the default user profile. Fine. Then, the next time I logged on as Administrator, anything I clicked gave me an "PROGRAM ERROR: explorer.exe error ... restart program." Since I am a part of the Administrators group, I created another user to test and troubleshoot. This user, lets say her name is Betty, when I set her up as a normal USER and tried to logon, my system gave me an error that it could not log user on, contact administrator. So I logged on as myself, an administrator and changed her to the Administrator group also -- her account behaved exactly as the "Adminstrator" account did (I mentioned earlier); on first attempt, default user, on second attempt explorer.exe error.

    If anyone can help me that would be wonderful. I just installed Windows 2000 2 weeks ago and would like to avoid reinstalling it at all cost. It seems like I am missing something, some policy or permission or folder name, something ... and I now have this problem. How can I get the Administrator account back to its original state? If you have advise as to how I can correct this without reinstalling EVERYTHING, that would be nice. Thank you.


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    Re: explorer.exe error

    If you pause for a moment and think what it is you are trying to do, you will see that if you could do it, then so could anybody - which means the administrator idea would be redundant. Would it be possible to retrieve your deleted file from the recycle bin? If not, there is not going to be any MS kb file which will tell you how to do this (for obvious reasons) so unless someone sees your message who has managed it, it seems to me you will need, not to re-install, but to repair your Win2k set-up. It's tedious, but in the long run it'll save you time.

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