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    Cell Values used in formulas or conditions (2000)

    I have a XLS spreadsheet exported from an ERP app. It contains various values including zeros. However, if a conditional formula like '=IF(A1=0,TRUE,FALSE)' is used, the values that are 0 do not return True. If conditional formatting of =0 or <0.1 is used, these cells do not meet the condition. If I type '0' directly in Excel, it works.

    In all other respects including formatting, the values derived from export and those entered direcly look and behave same. How do I make these values work like numbers not text?

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    Re: Cell Values used in formulas or conditions (2000)

    Alas, this is a well-known problem for files exported from other applications.

    For a single column of cells, you can use the following technique:
    <UL><LI>Select the cells,
    <LI>select Data | Text to Columns...,
    <LI>Click Finish.[/list]Another method, that will work for more than one column at a time:
    <UL><LI>Select an (arbitrary) empty cell,
    <LI>Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C),
    <LI>Select the range of cells,
    <LI>Select Edit | Paste Special...,
    <LI>Click Add, then OK.[/list]These methods should convert values that are erroneously being interpreted as text to numbers.

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    Re: Cell Values used in formulas or conditions (2000)

    Hi Hans

    The second procedure is good, but I believe that it would be good, to warn, that he/she has to take care of with the columns that is dates, because they lose the format when this procedure is used,and is necessary to put the format "date" to the corresponding columns.

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    Re: Cell Values used in formulas or conditions (2000)

    Manually (this will seem counterintuitive) you can convert them column by column by selecting one column and using Data, Text-to-Columns, Fixed Width, Next, Finish. Or by VBA you can run this on the entire selected area (it may take a while with large areas):

    Sub Text2Values()
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Dim rngOpOn As Range, rngCell As Range
    Set rngOpOn = Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, _
    Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, 3))
    If Not rngOpOn Is Nothing Then
    For Each rngCell In rngOpOn
    rngCell.Value = rngCell.Value
    Next rngCell
    End If
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    End Sub
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