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    win2k viruses in cab files

    I recently used the Windows automatic update feature with Norton Inernet Security activated. No viruses were detected during the 28+ Mbyte download.
    During the online installation, Norton flashed a warning that the Operating System files that were being installed with no less than 4 different varieties
    of the BACKDOOR virus family! Instead of shutting down to cancel the installation, I allowed the installation to continue, then did a virus scan to
    detect and isolate the infected files. Norton could only find 2 of the 4 viruses it had warned about. I isolated and incinerated them.

    Since then, my machine has been acting even more flaky than usual; such as trying to contact the internet multiple times at 3 hour intervals, and
    dropping my printer, plotter, and network settings. The printer and network configuation screen appear to have been altered, as I can no longer assign or designate
    a port for a printer.

    Has anyone else had these kind of problems?

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    Re: win2k viruses in cab files

    I've never encountered a virus from Windows Update, even with all the other strange things that have happened from its usage. It sounds like you may have been redirected to a bogus site somehow, if you got virii that way. Check your startup items to make sure you don't have any malware running at startup. If you're not using a firewall, I would also strongly recommend that you download and install one of the many free ones available so that you can check and control outgoing access from your system.

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