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    creating unrelated tables in database (97)

    Would it be a bad thing to create tables that are unrelated and not going to be linked together in one database? Some tables relate to the same thing and will be linked like the one I had a question on earlier: Members and Programs. But I also have a couple other simple tables that keep track of things such as Flu Shots, Smoking Cessation program, etc. that won't be linked to the Members table but I thought it would be easier for the user to have all her tables in one place, not a bunch of separate little databases. Each table would have a query and an entry form and we would at the end of the year run a small report for each one. Thanks!

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    Re: creating unrelated tables in database (97)

    No, there is no objection to doing that. The overhead of one table in a database is relatively large, so it is more efficient to keep several of them in one database (unless of course, you have other reasons to keep them apart.)

    I don't know if each of these tables requires a different structure. If they are mostly identical, you might consider putting these data in a single table with an extra identifier that could be used in queries to select a particular group of records from the table.

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