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    Save As Word 95 from Word 2K bug ?

    Can anyone help ? When I create a document in 2K using 'body text indent' style (built-in and not modified) and then save as Word 95, then reopen it, the text looks the same but style box now says 'Body Text 2' style and not 'Body Text Indent'. Why has Word changed this ? It does not happen when the document is saved in the 2000 format. Any suggestions/help ?

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    Re: Save As Word 95 from Word 2K bug ?

    I don't really know, and I don't have Word 95, so here's just a 'wonder if': Does Word 95 have any style names with three words, or longer than some number of characters? Is it sort of like DOS names, where the name gets shortened and a number suffix added? Or, does the style have some feature that's not available in Word95, so it gave it a new name so to indicate that it wasn't exactly the same?

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