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    I would like to learn VBA

    Dear All,

    I would like to learn VBA. I am currently learning MS Access 2000. I have done a few simple things in code, which I understand is very similar to VBA.

    What advantages would I have in learning VBA over just sticking with Access?

    Which version of VBA should I start with? The Latest?

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    Re: I would like to learn VBA


    Access code IS VBA, at least since Access 95. The major differences between Access VBA and any other kind is the object involved, since Access doesn't use ranges or documents or worksheets or whatever, but has tables, forms, queries, and reports instead.

    You don't have a choice of version with VBA. You do have a choice of version with VB, if that's what you're talking about. If you're working in Access 2000/Office 2000, you're working with VBA 6, which is basically VB 6 without the VB engine.

    I would recommend staying with Access until you become proficient. Then it's fairly easy to switch to VB, although you will have to learn to do a few things differently. To me, though, Access VBA is the most similar to VB itself, especially since VB also comes with the Jet database engine.

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