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    Combo box content vs view

    Is there any way to have a combo box showing one field in its 'textbox' portion and a different field in its 'listbox' portion ? I would like to have a small combo showing a state's abbreviated name (eg W.A.) but when the user clicks the arrow to view the combo's drop-down list the full state names (eg Western Australia) are displayed in a wider list.

    I assume I could achieve the same effect by having a 'hidden' wide list box which is made visible when the narrow combo box is entered, and set the combo value according to whatever is selected in the listbox - but is there a neater or more correct way ?


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    Re: Combo box content vs view

    If you use a two-column combobox and set the abbreviated name as the bound column, with the list width (not the control width) set equal to the width required for column 1 and the width required for column 2, the combobox will expand when you drop it down so that you see both the abbreviation and the full name. However, once you make a selection, you will only see the abbreviation in the combobox textbox portion.

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    Re: Combo box content vs view

    Thanks Charlotte - As usual I got caught up assuming the solution would be more complex than it really is!

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