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    Relative sheet reference (97/SR-1)

    This may have been answered in the past, but since the search function is disabled....

    I have a file with several sheets. Named Jan-Dec (or 1-22, or whatever). I enter a formula in sheet 13 such as ='Jan'!$A$1. I would like to copy that formula to the next 11 cells in a row, with the sheet name being relative. Is this possible?

    I know there is a way to make sheet references relative by this VBA function:
    Function SHEETOFFSET(offset, Ref)
    ' Returns cell contents at Ref, in sheet offset
    With Application.Caller.Parent
    SHEETOFFSET = .Parent.Sheets(.Index + offset) _
    End With
    End Function
    But this only works if you copy across sheets, not cells. Can this be modified to do what I want? I'm not very good at VBA or macros, but have worked with them a little.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Relative sheet reference (97/SR-1)

    You could use the INDIRECT function to get the sheet name. Just include a column and enter the sheet names. If col A has SHeet namestheis formula copied down the rows will put the value of A1 from each of the sheetnames listed in Col A:


    You could make it even more "generic" by also using ADDRESS and adding info on row and col number:


    will give the contents of A1 from the sheetname listed in cell A1


    will give the contents of C2 from the sheetname listed in cell A3


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