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    Outlook XP cohabiting with Office 2000 (Outlook XP/Office 2000 SP3)

    Would it be safe to run Outlook XP with Office 2000 versions of everthing else on my PC, please?
    I like some of the features in Outlook XP, but have little interest (nor money!) to consider the full Office suite.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Outlook XP cohabiting with Office 2000 (Outloo

    FWIW, I have run Outlook 2K in tandem with an Office 97 setup (excluding Outlook 97) without problems - and have also run Access 97 successfully with the rest of Office 2K (excluding Access 2K). I do, however, remember install problems the first time I tried "mix and match".

    Generally, once you have installed a version of Office you cannot fully uninstall it. The only way you can really uninstall it is to do a "clean" reinstall of the operating system.

    Note that I have not tried your particular configuration. If you do go ahead with it, you may have no issues but be prepared for the eventuality of having to do a full reinstall. On a reinstall, install the older Office component(s) first, and make sure you choose only one set of "common" items -from the "majority" Office suite.


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