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    Query search for Dates (2000)

    I have a seminar that has five different sessions. Each session last a full day and each attendee will have been in each session by the end of the week but not all in the same order. Since there are so many attendees, each session is presented everyday and the attendees can attend them in any order they want. So some attendees could be in session one on Monday while others might not be in session one until Thursday and so on. Attendees have the option of filling out a comment card at each session but are not required to. By the end of the week, some attendees could have filled out five cards and some no cards and some any number of cards in between.

    In the master table I have five fields labeled Session 1-5, five fields labeled Session Date 1-5 and five fields labeled comment 1-5. (These numbers do not correspond to session names. They are for example: Session 1, Session Date 1, and comment 1, indicate that it is the first comment made by that attendee and so on)

    I'm making up reports from the comments made and one of the reports displays all the comments made on a user prompted date. If I want all comments made on the first day, I just have the query look in the

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    Re: Query search for Dates (2000)

    I would use just one Session, one SessionDate and one Comment field. Each attendee will eventually have 5 records in this table (if he/she attends all five days), in which Session and SessionDate should be filled in, but Comment can be empty in some or all records.
    This way, you can report any way you want: by selecting a certain day, you'll see all records for that date; by selecting a certain session, you'll see all records for that session.

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