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    InsertPageNumbers dialog (Word XP)

    I have a quick and simple question. I'm trying to change the defaults in the Insert: Page Numbers dialog. The code below changes the default, when the dialog box comes up, to no page number on the first page:

    With Dialogs(wdDialogInsertPageNumbers)
    .FirstPage = False
    End With

    But how do I change the default from "bottom of page" to "top of page"? I searched everywhere in the Help system I could think of, without finding anyplace where it lists the various options for built-in dialog boxes. For future reference, where can I find this information. Thanks.


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    Re: InsertPageNumbers dialog (Word XP)

    The question may be simple, but there is no simple answer. Microsoft hasn't deemed it necessary to expose this setting. Related questions have been asked in the Microsoft newsgroups, without satisfactory answers.

    Anyway, the Insert | Page Numbers dialog is not the best method - see How to control the page numbering in a Word document

    Would it be an option to create a template with the desired settings?

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