Apologies first for not being able to search for this if it has been covered perhaps a link?
I do moderate to large scale mailmerges (4,000-30,000 records) and to make the print queue more manageable have always batched out the job in segments of 250-500 depending upon what type of work--envelopes, cards, letters, etc-- Has anyone run across a mail merge manager that will automate this process? ie spool out recs 1-500, then 501-1000, etc? I would like to be able to set the size of the chunk and perhaps tell the manager to stop at record 5,000 if the job is 15,000 or some such.
I'm not skilled at VB or VBA but did look at this one time and felt it was beyond my skill level. Maybe it is time to take a class? LOL
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, I seem to recall something years ago that came close but cannot seem to find anything now.
Redmond, are you listening?
Thanks in advance