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    Merge images/Visio (2000)


    I need to do a merge into word document using Excel sheet as a data source. However, I also need to merge in some diagrams that are created (and will be maintained in Visio).

    Having seen some partial answers, I'm wondering if I can do something like the following:

    1) Create a column in the Excel source with a path to the diagram including its name (are there special rules for formatting?) e.g. c:/doc/diagram/diagram01.vsd
    2) Format the merge field in a way that it links the picture (I want the current diagram viewable/printed in the final document.)

    Any recommendations?

    Apologies if this has been previously discussed, search isn't working and I didn't come across it in my browsing.



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    Re: Merge images/Visio (2000)

    I can't remember whether it is possible to merge data into the innards of a field code. If so, then you simply need to experiment a bit with the Visio files to determine the rest of the field code. For example, it could be an EMBED field, or maybe INCLUDEPICTURE. Not sure. Try inserting it the normal way, and then press Alt+F9 to view the field code that Word is using to display the drawing. Does this help?

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