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    Forms, Protection & Macros (Word 2002 XP)

    Thanks for the help on controlling the tab order, that worked fine, I created individual macros for each field. However the protected section is in a table split into two columns and several rows. One cell is merged across several rows. I can't get the cursor to jump from the table into the unprotected part of the document so a letter can be typed. Also I can't see my section breaks in print layout view. When I protect section 1 it changes to an "end of protected section" break that I can only see in normal view. Is this a new 'feature' in XP to make life harder for old word users? I have enclosed a document version of the template.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Forms, Protection & Macros (Word 2002 XP)

    If you display non-printing characters, the "end of protected section" will be shown in print layout view too.

    Add a form field immediately after the one you want to be the last in the tab order, and set the Enter macro of this form field to jump to the "letter" bookmark.

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