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    Critical updates (XP Pro)

    Woody's Windows XP news letter as been warning against installing MS03/Q811493 if you had Norton System Works installed as it slowed down very large percentage of Windows XP machines to a crawl.
    I had installed MS03/Q811493 before I read his warning however, my XP Pro and NSW 2003 were running ok.
    Now if I have NSW 2003 system doctor running my puter is reduced to a "crawl"

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    Re: Critical updates (XP Pro)

    Yep and Yep. You need to uninstall Q811493 if it's the old one. { according to Woody, the latest Q811493 has been fixed by Microsoft and tested}As for NSW it is going to use resources,cause it's a resource hog.

    From Woodys Newsletter
    The reason for my optimism? It looks like Microsoft fixed the MS03-013/Q811493 security patch - finally. Remember the patch that slowed a very large percentage of Windows XP machines to a crawl? That's the one. I took MS six weeks to fix it. The new patch has been out for a week now, and I haven't seen any extreme wailing or gnashing of teeth on the newsgroups. This new patch even went through a beta test cycle with thousands of testers outside Microsoft. Good move. It shows.

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