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    Print density

    My HP Laserjet 4 Plus died, and I replaced it with a HPLaserjet 4100 (similar to the 4050).

    The output is sharp but not dark enough to suit me. I set the printer density to 5 (highest setting; done on the printer, as the driver has no density setting). When printing in TimesRoman in Word, the output is still not dark enough. It is quite dark when printing out an e-mail.

    Output from the HP4 Plus was darker. Does this have anything to do with Word?

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    Re: Print density

    Did you install the driver for the HP LaserJet 4100 or are you still using the HP LaserJet 4 Plus driver?
    If you didn't install the correct driver then this is the first thing to try.

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    Re: Print density

    The driver was installed correctly. According to HP, the output is darker using a 4Plus because it is less precise--the output bleeds a bit and looks darker. The 4100 prints TimesRoman more precisely and therefore not as dark. The only way to make it darker would be to find a TimesRoman font that is heavier. Thank you for your suggestion of checking the driver.

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