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    'Stationary' (Outlook 2002 (?))

    My email client is Mozilla, my wife uses Outlook at her office. Today she created email stationary with a background image. When she sends emails using this stationary to co-workers, the emails work as she expects. When she sends an email to me, however, the background image used in the stationary shows up as an attachment.

    When I view her message source, the following text appears: "This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible."

    Mozilla appears to support MIME version 1.0. It does HTML mail (I use this all the time).

    This leads me to believe that she may have to change something in my entry in her address book that identifies me as capable of receiving MIME and/or HTML mail. Not being familiar with Outlook (it's all new to her, too), I'm not sure how to tell her to fix this. Because of security restrictions, I can't do hands-on with her system. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Re: 'Stationary' (Outlook 2002 (?))

    It could also be the outgoing server that's doing this - I receive these from friends on occasion, and in one instance I was able to identify the culprit as the Lotus Domino server. It converted everything to plain text that went in or out of the corporate network, presumably for security reasons.

    Outside of that, I've never seen a way in OLXP to specify message formats for individual users, at least not using the Contacts folder in Outlook. I believe this option is available in a Personal Address Book, however - and of course I stand to be corrected.

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