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    Pagination with subreports (Acc 97 SR2)

    I have a report which prints details for each selected customer (address, city, etc). The Detail section contains two subreports -- one that prints deliveries to the customer, and one that prints "service quality events" for the customer. The report works exactly as required when there are just a few records in each of the delivery or service tables.

    The problem occurs when there are enough records in either of the subordinate records for it to occupy more than the remaining space on the page. In this case, Access leaves the remainder of the page blank and starts printing the subreport on the subsequent page. What I sometimes end up with is one line at the top of a page (customer name and address), blank for the remainder of the page, and the subreport printing on the subsequent page.

    The only settings I have altered is the CanGrow and CanShrink of both subreports are set to True. Is there a setting I am overlooking to force the subreport to start printing on the current page even if there is insufficient space to complete the printing?
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    Re: Pagination with subreports (Acc 97 SR2)


    I think the answer is click on the detail section of the main report to display properties. Then under format select No for keep together.


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