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    Scaling/Sizing a report (Access)

    I am new to Access:
    Question: Is there any easy way to scale a report say by 125%
    Background: I have a form which when displayed on the computer screen is of adequate size. I saved the form as a report. The report prints out (on paper) as expected. I would like to resize the report to say 125% to get max use of the paper and make it easier to read.
    I don't want to have to go into the report and manually resize each control/label.
    Any ideas how to do the resize?

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    Re: Scaling/Sizing a report (Access)

    Forms and reports serve two different purposes, so a form saved as a report is not usually going to create a satisfactory report. There is no way to automatically resize a report, and without knowing more about what either the form or the report looks like, it is nearly impossible to suggest a relevant method for changing it. If you give us more information, someone will probably be able to suggest an approach that will be useful to you.

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