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Thread: home networking

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    home networking

    I have two computers networked, and I was able to access files and/or printers from one to the other. Now suddenly when I try to access a folder from "Doris's" computer when I am on "Jeff's" computer, (Note I click on the mapped drive listed on Jeff's computer), I get "The following error occurred while reconnecting N: to DorisJeff Not logged on. " Jeff's computer is Win 98, 1st edition. Doris's computer is Win 98 second edition. The only change I made since this was working was to specify a Workgroup location in Microsoft Word on Doris's computer. I have not done any logon for either computer in the past- there does not seem to be anyway to logon and in the past this worked with out logon. Help Thanks.

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    Re: home networking

    I thought you couldn't network without logging on to Microsoft Networking, but maybe I'm wrong about that. Anyway, adding a Workgroup Templates path in Word shouldn't have changed anything. Just to be sure, you could delete it and see if it really has anything to do with the problem.

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