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    Filter without Autofilter? (2k/XP)

    A few years ago I created a workbook containing, among others, a worksheet that contains data about lower school pupils (circa 1000 records). The data is stored in three columns -Tutor Group; Name and Teaching Group. A user can select from a drop down list a particular Teaching Group whose details are then copied to a template and printed out. The system works fine but I feel it could be improved upon. Originally, I used the macro recorder to Autofilter the list, copy the selection (using Goto,Special, Current Region etc) and paste. The code produced by the macro recorder, as is well known, can be very inefficient. Having set the scene, I would like to redesign the application and make it more efficient but my stumbling block is the selection process. Is there another way to select a range based on one criterion (from the drop down list) other than by using Autofilter? Apologies for the long-winded intro - I hope it is comprehensible.
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    Re: Filter without Autofilter? (2k/XP)

    Take a look at Advanced Filter, and do not be put off by the use of the word Advanced. Using this feature you can filter based on criteria held in a seperate range and either filter in place or transfer the filtered data to a new location.

    Check it out in the help files and if you need more help just post back.

    Andrew C

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