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    Windows 2003 Server

    We are getting a new server at work, and will be using Windows 2003 Server. We only have 7 computers and they are currently on a peer to peer Windows 2000 network. I was planning on using active directory on the 2003 server, but we have several Windows XP Home clients, and they won't work on a domain. Upgrading the clients to XP Pro isn't an option, so I'm pretty much forced to set up a workgroup rather than a domain.

    My question is: how much (if any) of a performance hit will I take by setting the server up as a workgroup rather than a domain? Security isn't much of a concern, but performance definitely is.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Windows 2003 Server

    With seven clients, I doubt that you'll notice a difference. Workgroups are a way to organize smaller like systems in a domain that includes many machines, but connectivity isn't affected in my experience. The biggest difference that you would encounter is likely to be that you cannot pass down group policies to the XP Home clients, but that also may not be an issue for you.

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