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    Office System developer tools (Office 2003 VBA)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Gary Frieder on 12-Jun-03 02:10. )</P>Further developments on the .NET development for Office front here. The main addition to the features announced several months ago is that this will permit .NET development with Access 2003 (as well as Word and Excel).

    What commercially useful benefits this may provide; what impact these tools and Office 2003 are going to have on the mainstream of Office development; how long will it take for these tools to get adopted by the mainstream Office development community - answers are anybody's guess. The ultimate roadmap to full integration of .NET with Office still seems unclear. Seems like the whole .NET initiative is taking a lot longer to get off the ground than MS may have wished. I guess it's comforting that all of our hard-won Office/VBA skills are not going to become obsolete so quickly, after all!


    More details, and links to more technical articles, can be found on MS's site here.

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    Re: Office System developer tools (Office 2003 VBA)

    My understanding was that VBA would still be the language for Access 2003 and the .Net extensions will allow it to interact with .Net based apps.

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