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    Using the GroupOn Property (2000)

    Hi everyone --

    I'm trying to create a few reports that total books (we're a library) per week, month, quarter, year. I am using the GroupOn property in the Sorting/Grouping box and while it is grouping the records, it's giving me each individual record. I'm just looking for the sum for each category. Can anyone advise?


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    Re: Using the GroupOn Property (2000)

    If you use the Report Wizard to create the reports, you can enter grouping and totals options, and you can specify whether you want to see individual records or not.

    If you design the report yourself, and want only summary data, don't put any controls in the Detail section, and reduce the height of the Detail section to 0. This effectively hides the individual records. To display a sum by category, make sure that you have a Group Header and/or Group Footer for the grouping levels. Put a text box in there with control source =Sum([SomeField]) where SomeField is the name of the field to sum. Access will automatically restrict the sum to the appropriate group.

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