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    Select Names Dialog Box (Outlook 2002)

    Is there a way to show different fields in the Select Names dialog box?

    My problem is I have an Outlook contact database with over 1,000 names. Most records have a company contact, the company name, with the requisite telephone, fax, and email addresses. While I know the company I want to contact via email or fax, I very rarely know the contact name. When I bring up the Select Names dialog box when creating emails or faxes, the contacts are always in first name order rather than in File As name order. Can the Select Names dialog box be changed to display in File As order?

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    Re: Select Names Dialog Box (Outlook 2002)

    I assume you refer to the Select Names dialog from the Address Book. See if <!post=this,255571>this<!/post> helps. Post back if it doesn't answer the question as I understand it.
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