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    Word Comments/Notes (Word 2000)

    I want to create a document that contains comments/notes that show the entire comment at the point of insertion rather than a comment number and an extra page at the end of the document. I want to be able to select whether these notes get printed and be able to turn them on/off when viewing, and before sending to clients I want to delete all the comments/notes. How is this done in word?

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    Re: Word Comments/Notes (Word 2000)

    You can create a dedicated comment character style and format it as hidden text. Type your comments within the document and format them with the comment style. You can specify whether you want to see hidden text on screen and whether you want to print it in Tools | Options... (in the View and Print tab, respectively). For the final version, you can use Find/Replace to replace all text formatted with the dedicated style by nothing. (More > Formatting in the Find/Replace dialog).

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