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    Prompt before saving (Access2000)

    Hi Guys,
    I've got the following code in the event of a close button: DoCmd.Close acForm, "Project Information Form", acSavePrompt
    The problem with this is that it does not prompt to save when i close the form instead it saves automatically.
    any idea why this is happening <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> ?

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    Re: Prompt before saving (Access2000)


    acSavePrompt refers to saving the design of the form, not to saving the current record. For instance, if you have changed the sort order of the records, this counts as a design change, so Access will ask you if you want to save this change when you close the form.

    Access saves the record in a form bound to a table or query automatically if you move to another record or close the form; there is no setting to turn that on or off.

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