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    Scheduler/database (Access97)

    Hello All,

    I need some help. I need to develop an access database that will act like a scheduling system but have database features. We are currently running two different systems and having to key data twice. I need to know who scheduled an appointment and then print various reports and sort in various ways. Our scheduling people are telling us that our software was not designed to prepopulate fields ( I want a dropdown list of job titles) and to provide us with reports.

    Anybody got any suggestions? I have played away with generating a scheduler and can get it to accept names however I am unfamiliar with how to have it automatically schedule a followup visit.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Scheduler/database (Access97)

    There are several commercially available scheduling systems that are based on Access, usually focused on specific industries. I suspect several of the ones aimed at medical or dental practices may include that feature. To design something like you describe from the ground up would be a fairly daunting project unless you are proficient with both Access and VBA. If you are, there are some OCX controls that could be used to provide a nice graphical user interface similar to what you get with Outlook. That having been said, I don't think Outlook would a good match for what you are trying to do, even if you used via Automation from an Access database.

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    Re: Scheduler/database (Access97)

    Hi Deborah,

    I have created some scheduling databases, but they were 'short term', in other words, I created a list of appointments for one day. I was thinking however, that you could have a table for your appointments, then, you could query them by 'day' to check the schedule for that day. The appointments would come up in a list, then you could open the appointment information by double clicking on any of the appointments that are listed for that day. You could also link the appointments to the customer, and also pull up customer information from the same list. Visually, it would just look like a form w/ subform, however it might serve your purpose. There are some controls that would pull up a 'mini' calendar for reference.

    Actually, I have a database I will attach. I received it somehow through research through this forum. I wish I could remember were it came from so I could give proper credit.

    I hope I was some help. I do believe what you're after can be achieved fairly easy. In the near future I will be trying to do the same thing, as I begin to work on some scheduling databases.

    Best of luck.

    Scott Tidmore
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