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    Access and Winmenu program (Access 97)

    We have a program that we call the winmenu. It is a wininstall feature that allows us to display a "calendar" (lack of a better term). The user selects the page and box and double-click to activate the program. We use this to help with security and install programs on certain computers.

    I have a secured access database attached to the menu. Works great! A co-worker recently had a cd-writer installed and the winmenu is not liking the writer. It is consistently asking for the user to insert a CD. Our "tech" wants to remove the menu option and allow the user to activate everything from the desktop. OK....however, my secured database does not like to run from the desktop. Why?

    I made sure the shortcut was connected to the workgroup on the server. Do I need to make a copy and add the workgroup to the desktop?

    Please help.


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    Re: Access and Winmenu program (Access 97)

    Yes, you probably need to specify the /wrkgrp switch in the command line, and in order to make that work, you need to specify the full path to your msaccess.exe file as well as the path to your database. The Help file can tell you the syntax - search for command line.

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