Ignore this post - it seems this is a known bug in the MS Knowledge base (# 218280 for anyone who is interested)

I have a client using Outlook calendars to record client appointments. One of these calendars is posted on the web for ease of checking by an out-of-town practitioner. It is the saving of the calendar as a web page that is causing some confusion.
When the "save as web page" menu item is selected the user is asked for the file name - they duly click the browse button and navigate their way to the web and sub-folder that the calendar is to be stored in. Let's say they end up with something that looks like "C:My DocumentsMy WebsCalwebsecretcalendar.htm" but after hitting OK the web page actually ends up being in "C:My DocumentsMy WebsCalwebsecretcalendarcalendar.htm", i.e. Outlook takes the "name" part of the html file and creates an extra folder level, very confusing!
I have tried the same thing in Outlook XP and it does not throw in the "extra" folder.
Has anyone out there experienced the same behaviour?