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    Wildcard usage (2000)

    So I'm trying to pass variables from my form to a query and am successful except when I try to get all of the records. I come up short there. I tried setting my text box on my form (which is where the query is pulling the variable) to "Like '*'" to get all of the records, but it returned no records.

    Does Access just not like to pass wildcard variables? I tried doing a regular query and inserted the "Like '*'" and it worked fine....

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    Re: Wildcard usage (2000)

    If you have entered something like [Forms]![frmMyForm]![txtCondition] in the criteria line of the query grid, you can enter a specific condition in the text box, but not an SQL keyword such as Like. You can change the criterion to Like [Forms]![frmMyForm]![txtCondition]. This will allow you to enter wildcards (note that the keyword Like is now a fixed part of the query.)

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