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    Macros in Personal xls (Excel 2000)

    I have a before print macro I would like to run for any workbook I have open...I get them from many sources...but without having to insert a BeforePrint macro in every single one. It didn't seem to work when I put a BeforePrint () in the Personal.xls module (as opposed to the ThisWorkbook event section, where it normally resides) Can this be done?
    In a similar vein, I have a macro to insert the full filename and path in the the titlebar. How can I get that one to run for every workbook I open without having to insert it everywhere.
    I get files from all over the place, and they can have long pathways, so both of these little macros do alot to keep me organized. Thanks.

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    Re: Macros in Personal xls (Excel 2000)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by sdckapr on 16-Jun-03 12:28. Added Postscript with Knowledgebase article)</P>1) I think you have to put the before print in all workbooks.
    a workaround is to remove the print button from the toolbar and menu and replace it with your "custom" one You can even "highjack" the ctrl-p so it runs your routine. Not exactly like the before print event, but pretty close

    see if <post#=262847>post 262847</post#> and the threads following answers your question on the titlebar. You can add the macro to personal.xls so it will run when that loads. SaveAs will not change the titlebar though.

    Hans <post#=263080>post 263080</post#> also has suggested using the web address item added to the toolbar as a workaround

    PS: Here is KB article on this topic:

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