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    Double/Triple Lines in Org Chart (Visio 2000)

    I am drawing some org charts. After I dragged a few position boxes under a manager box, the connection lines that should overlap appear in double or triple. I can manually drag the lines so there aren't double or triple lines. BuI after I close and open the file again, the lines appear double/triple again.

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    Re: Double/Triple Lines in Org Chart (Visio 2000)

    The Org Chart Wizard does all sorts of funky things with your org chart according to what theme is set for the page. Have you experiemented with different themes under Organisation Chart > Options.

    Alternatively, is this double a shadow? This could be recurring from the style applied to the line.

    WARNING - Not for the faint hearted: Examination of the shape sheet for the object may reveal what is happening.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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