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    Displaying Row Descriptions on Wide Forms (Access 2K SR1)


    I have an Access form that is very wide and the user must scroll to the right in order to see all of the columns. The problem with that is the row descriptions also scroll off of the page, so the user cannot tell which row he is entering data in.

    My question is, is there any way to Lock the row descriptions in Access?


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    Re: Displaying Row Descriptions on Wide Forms (Access 2K SR1)

    Is your problem that the row descriptions scroll off the top of the page, or is it that a column which identifies the record number in some way scrolls off the left side of the page?

    The first problem is easily solved by putting the row descriptions in the header of the form, rather than the detail area. The second problem is a little more complex - if you are doing this in a datasheet format, you can freeze the columns like you do in Excel. However that approach (using datasheets) isn't generally recommended. Instead, most people would suggest designing a form with multiple rows so that all of the data is visible without scrolling. If you need to see multiple records at once, you can make it a continuous form.

    Hope this makes sense to you - if not please post back.

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